Made with love




Accessories for the kitchen and table,
receptacles for flavours and fragrances.
Bags and containers of various shapes and colours.
Napkins, cuttingoards and cruets that add
something special to food, in washable,greaseproof,
water-repellent cellulose.


The Geometry of Pasta is a celebration of the wonders
of the most basic staples of Italian cooking: pasta and sauce.
We wanted to open up the world of pasta
and reveal the secrets held in its geometry to everyone.


Essent’ial, Marco Bianchi e Skako have
collaborated in order to create a line
of products that demonstrate the importance
of prevention as a daily gesture
without taking away from the design of the kitchen table.
With good taste, well-being and a smile.



A favourite part of the Essent’ial range:
washable cellulose fibre or unwashable
paper bags to be filled with anything
you like; just fold and put away when not
i sacchi in use.


Furniture made from FSC certified cardboard using eco-design, resistant and essential in shape and assembly, realized by Essent’ial in collaboration with the designer Matteo Ragni.


Handles multipurpose storage for the
home: to hold magazines, wood,
laundry and toys, or even waste for

the Essent’ial way!

A truly unique project,
created with the aid of
special young people,
where diversity becomes a
It is our way of investing in
the community, the
Essent’ial way of making
a dream come true.

Ten international designers and winners
of the “Design Your Sacchino” contest
have created new patterns of sacchino F
to celebrate Essent’ial’s tenth anniversary.

A fresh approach to furnishing.
A minimal line in environment-friendly
recycled materials and cardboard,
to be customised in your own taste.

ecopuffo and ecopanca,
available in various
materials, from
recycled to

Paola Navone’s
drawings and design
for a new Essent’ial line.

Useful, intelligent
design items for a
wide variety of daily
uses, made from
recycled stainless
steel processing
clippe waste.



Dedicated to those who choose a sustainable and
environmentally friendly lifestyle.
Recycled materials, bonded leather,
washable and resistant paper.

The bags
The fashion side of Essent’ial sprouts
handles and leaves home: designer
fashion in a variety of shades and sizes.

Pencil cases, wallets and backpack
in a number of sizes and colours,
the classical Essent’ial black,
white, havana and grey and
the new fashion colours:
purple, bluette, light blue
and emerald green.

The it bag is designed for all women
who like to live every occasion with personality and verve. For lovers of a classical but unconventional style,
or those who prefer to be daring with gold and

Essent’ial colours itself with jeans.
An evergreen concept for the new
casual and ecofriendly collection.

Remix is the new line which combines
utility with design flair,
elegance with practicality,
creativity with professionalism.
Two bags in one, enabling
you to have fun creating
customized tone-on-tone
or contrasting combinations,
subdued natural hues or playful
colourful ones.

Money and object
together create
the new line

Denim : for those who
never need to ask!